Resurfacing a Concrete Driveway

When you have a driveway made from concrete, then it is ideal that it will be a long-lasting décor in your home. But there comes a time when its lifespan is shortened by having slight cracks, discoloration, or even scaling. Resurfacing will be used if cracks are larger than a quarter inch. By resurfacing, your driveway looks like it is new without incurring many expenses of removing and reinstalling a new one.

Here are a few tips on how you can resurface your driveway and give it the best new look using cost-friendly ways.

  1. Prepare and repair

Before you start resurfacing your driveway, make sure you etch, grind or shot blast your concrete surface so that it becomes porous. You should also not forget to fix available cracks or any other damage on the driveway to avoid double expenses.

  1. Clean

By use of a pressure wash, wash the surface thoroughly and let it dry completely. You should only add a primer if it is necessary to do so.

  1. Mix the product

You should never apply the mixture without following the laid out procedures. You should follow the listed instructions by mixing the product to make it ready for application. You can also combine the color if need be.

  1. Application of overlay

Depending on what look you desire to achieve, apply the overlay by spraying, rolling, or trowelling to ensure that you have a level driveway that is well designed and fit to the ground.

  1. Add texture

After you successfully apply the overlay, you can add whatever patterns you desire and improve the concretes texture by using a hand trowel, rake, stamp, and other necessary tools for the job to be accomplished.

  1. Seal.

After the overlay is cured, add a seal that will offer additional protection to give your driveway along with the admiring look and make it stain resistant, thus easy to maintain.

In case you want your concrete to have a long lifespan, you are therefore advised that you should invest in a sealer because sealer maintenance includes the use of a broom to get rid of dust and other foreign material and method of sprays to get rid of any dirty spots.