What are the different methods of carpet cleaning?

Carpets are a major investment, and you do not want to just leave it lying around and expect it to remain clean. A lot depends on the type of carpet cleaning you choose, and knowing what you will want to achieve, and then selecting the method to achieve that goal is vital. There are several different methods of carpet cleaning, but they can also be divided into a few different categories.

  1. Hot water extraction is the most common method of carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction is also referred to as steam cleaning, and makes use of hot water heated to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This water is sprayed onto the carpet and then rinsed off with a high pressure machine. Be sure to read the directions of the cleaning liquid before starting, as the hotter it is the more powerful the chemical reaction will be.
  2. There are also shampoos available that sell for heavy duty cleaning. They work by using pretreated detergents that are sprayed on to the carpet at either a liquid or powder (form), then agitated with a used bristle brush or vacuumed up after drying. Shampoos are one of the few carpet cleaning items that actually work, or do they? The problem that most carpet owners have is that when they get their carpets wet, they tend to scrub more vigorously or use more elbow grease than usual and many times end up ruining carpets.
  3. There are also powders available that work a little differently than shampoos. These carpet cleaning powders work by spraying a foaming agent directly on the carpet with a machine that is located in the cleaning closet. There, the foam is worked into the carpet rather than using a brush. A second machine will be placed overhead, and it will agitate the foam over the carpet. After drying, the dirt is stripped from the surface of the carpet and the carpet will look and smell clean. However this method has a higher chance of ruining carpet if done wrong.
  4. There is also a dry powder type of carpet cleaning available. It works in a very similar fashion to shampoos, however it does not use a lot of water to clean. A cleaning powder is sprinkled on to the carpet and worked into the carpet at a slightly deeper level, and then must then be vacuumed up.

There is a right way and a wrong way to clean a carpet. Most carpet cleaning tips you may find online are fine, yet many carpet cleaning tips work. Having a professional clean your carpets is the best way. Have the cleaners use carpet steam cleaners that are also toxic treated, a cleaning process that will identify the problem areas or problem areas in the carpet and then clean them accordingly. This method works well provided that the carpet has had time to dry after the cleaning process as otherwise it may not clean properly.

If you choose to clean the carpet by yourself, follow the instructions given carefully, and use great caution and care. Many carpet cleaning tips are easy enough to follow, yet in the end, it is still best to get professional help. In southern Colorado you’re welcome to contact Carpet Cleaning Pueblo for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.